Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring has Sprung......Safety Driving Tips

Spring has finally arrived and motorists may think since the snow has melted they can be worry free of dangerous driving conditions. However, with the warming weather a whole new set of challenges arise. Potholes, wet roads and high winds can all be contributing factors that make driving just as grueling as in the winter season. Here are a few tips to keep safe this spring:

Check your tire pressure. Most often for every 4 degrees in
temperature change, your tire pressure changes 1 PSI. Also,
check for wear or signs of rot to ensure that your tires are in
good condition for spring temperatures.

The warmer weather also brings out wildlife. The soil near highways melt quicker and aids
in plant growth. This is perfect forage grounds for all types of wildlife but is dangerous to drivers.

Also, does can have their fawn as early as February into June. When pregnant they forage more and move slowly making them less likely
to move out of the way of vehicles.

Rain most commonly happens during spring
months. This can make for slippery road conditions, hydroplaning and reduced visibility.
Slow down and allow for ample stopping distance. Also make sure that your wipers are in working condition and reduce your speed going through large puddles on the highway.

As it gets warmer people head outdoors to enjoy the weather. Cyclists, playing children, joggers, motorcyclists and other recreational vehicle users start to share our highways and can be an unseen hazard. Always stay alert to pedestrians and less visible motorists. Adjust your speed and be aware of your surroundings.

Spring is the beginning of construction season. Road construction can be
a nuisance for the driver but it's a hazard to road work crews.  By simply slowing down, keeping a safe distance and paying attention to flags and signs can reduce accidents and potential fatalities. Try to stay patient
and calm!

These are just a few safety driving tips. Every season has it's challenges and as drivers we must be aware of the conditions around us and adjust to them.

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