Monday, January 25, 2016

Trucker Relationships: Love and Life On and Off The Road

Trucker Relationships

Trucking is a difficult profession and many stresses come with it; long hours on the road, dangerous conditions, being away from home and loved ones and a feeling of isolation while away. Relationships are hard enough as it is and it takes two very strong people that are truly committed to each other to build a healthy and lasting relationship in the face of such adversities.

The reality of it is, couples CAN find a way to make it work, it just takes some effort and a lot of understanding. 

TALK EVERY DAY! Minimum one phone call a day, this is an opportunity to talk about daily events and to reaffirm your relationship. Even if it's a short conversation, being able to hear each others voices and keep connected to whats going on with life on and off the road is important. Whether it's what's going on with the kids, or how work was that day, communication is key to any relationship. Also, trucking can be lonely, both for the driver and their partner, having a chat with your loved one may mean more to them than you realize. And EVERYONE can make time for a phone call - if someone means something to you than you make the time!

Spend time much as possible! Since your trucker is gone for long periods of time, you may get to feeling lonely and neglected. When they are home plan date nights - even if you have children make sure to have some time for just the two of you. Rebuilding your bond is important to maintaining your relationship. If you have children also spend family days together. Naturally people/children change and evolve as time goes by and being out on the road means that moments of growth and development are missed, so being able to spend time together will help you reconnect to your loved ones.

Try not to sweat the small stuff! When your trucker gets home they may disrupt your daily routine you've established while they're away. You've been used to running the household, chores, work, kids and everything else that's thrown at you and it may be natural to take some of that frustration out and demand a helping hand or affirmation for all the hard work you've done. However, being on the road is also very stressful and once your trucker is home they may want some downtime to relax. Try not to take frustrations out on each other. Find a way to calmly discuss how you're feeling or the challenges that you've faced while away from each other and come up with solutions together. Don't waste time arguing with each other or hold grudges as time truly is precious not only in life but especially when your partner works away from home for long periods of time!

Every couple is different and have their own ways of bridging the gaps when away from each other. In the end it comes down to your commitment to each other and making the effort to keep the relationship alive no matter how near or far apart you are in this world!

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