Friday, October 30, 2015

"Highways To Hell" - Haunted Sightings on North American Roads

Since it's Halloween this weekend, I felt compelled to write something of the "supernatural" to get in the spirit! Personally, I love Halloween, the costumes, the myths, the curiosity of other worldly entities, this has always peaked my interest! As I decided to write this Blog I started to research haunted and strange occurrences that drivers have reported and some fabled "Highways to Hell"! What I came across was quite spooktacular....

Route 666.....Highway to Hell

Route 666 is the 6th branch of Route 66  that runs through four states in the west. It stretches out 200 miles long and traverses through Colorado, New Mexico and ends in Utah.

Many people have reported strange encounters with spirits along this highway. One woman recalls an incident where her and her husband were driving down the highway and saw an on coming truck on fire and doing speeds of over 130 miles per hour. The tires were sparking and flames were coming from it's stacks, then the apparition vanished. Another spirit that has been reported several times is that of a young girl in a white nightgown that wanders aimlessly down the highway. When people stop to call out to her or offer their help she vanishes into thin air.

Clinton Rd., New Jersey, Dead Man's Bridge: Legend of the Ghost Boy

Legend has that if you drive down Clinton road and throw pennies off of Dead Mans Bridge into the lake below that the ghost of a young boy will throw the pennies back at you. This legend stems from the story that a little boy was walking along the road and was hit by a car as he was picking up a quarter. There is no documented evidence if this is really the way the child died but people that have visited the bridge claim they've experienced interactions with his spirit.

Tri-County Truck Stop, Villa Ridge, MO

This once thriving roadside icon closed its doors in 2006, but still remains a destination for paranormal investigators. Before it closed down, employees and customers alike reported apparitions, objects levitating, voices, shadowy figures and other foreboding paranormal activity.                                                                             The truck stop still remains vacant and no one     has wanted to revive this historic landmark....and even if someone did, there's no way to know if     the ghostly tenants would welcome new owners!

Port Perry Ghost Road, Scugog Island, Ont. CA
aka Mississauga Trail

Legend has it that back in the 1950's a motorcyclist crashed and died on this stretch of highway. Since that tragic day, motorists claim they see a motorcycle following them with it's light flashing brightly in their rear view mirror. The light quickly catches up to them, then passes their vehicle and completely vanishes. Other motorists report a white and small red light that roams up and down the highway, but these lights aren't part of any type of vehicle.

Whether these stories are fact or fiction, the more I researched this topic the more I realized there are claims of supernatural stories from all around the globe. There are even books written describing paranormal encounters that truckers have experienced whilst out on the road! So whether you're a believer or a skeptic, the chances are, we aren't alone in this vast universe. Happy Halloween!!!  

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