Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Razor" - The Story of Keystone Western's company mascot!

“RAZOR” – The story of our company mascot.
In March of 2011 in sub-freezing temperatures “Razor”, a stray cat, was found meowing/crying in a corner of our outdoor storage facility at our terminal in Winnipeg.

She had frozen both ears and her tail and was nearing starvation. The driver that found her brought her into our maintenance shop where they then rushed “Razor” to a vet and they were able to bring her back to health, but only after having to remove her frost-bitten areas. She was aptly named “Razor” after seeing her clipped ears and tail. The decision was made to take her into our care permanently and several employees helped with her recuperation by donating food, toys, and money to go towards her medical expenses.

A year later, “Razor” became pregnant and was found trying to give birth to her litter of kittens, however, she was unable to deliver them and had to be rushed to the vet as she had become septic and had to have her kittens surgically removed. Tragically none of the kittens survived. “Razor” then spent a week at the vet trying to recover from this traumatic event.

“Razor” now remains a strong, comfortable well-fed (she’s a great mouser) member of the Keystone Western family. She’s a great example of overcoming obstacles through challenging times and her story demonstrates the kindness and compassion that our employees have to offer, right down to the smallest member of our family.

In honor of “Razor” we are developing a look-alike toy version of her so we could share her story of courage and fortitude with our friends and customers.

We would also like to encourage you to donate to your local pet rescue centre. 

About Keystone Western
Founded in 1990, Keystone Western provides asset – based logistics solutions for TL and LTL dry van and open deck shippers throughout North America. They also provide warehousing, regional cartage, intermodal services, logistics analysis and 3PL services. Their success has been built on reliable and cost-effective solutions for their customers. To learn more visit: www.keystonewestern.com


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