Monday, April 11, 2011

Keystone Western Inc. utilizes the “Blue-Ocean” logistics philosophy

Keystone Western Inc. utilizes the “Blue-Ocean” logistics philosophy and goes deeper into their client’s supply chain. We understand that every supply-chain has its unique “Logistics DNA”. Consequently the “Blue-Ocean” logistics philosophy creates out-of-the-box strategies allowing your business to sail into target markets with less competition and greater profitability.
We invite you to try our free two hour no-obligation logistics/supply chain consultation service. Our logistics consultants have years of experience in supply chain/logistics optimization and will discuss the current challenges within your industry and create a plan providing your company with a competitive advantage. (CITT, P.LOG, C.LOG)
Once we have identified opportunities for optimization to reduce costs, improve customer service, and to increase market share, we can start our full supply-chain/logistics analysis program. Consulting fees are dependent on the scope of the project.
Far too often we have seen shippers struggling within the “Red-Ocean” logistics philosophy.
The risks inherent in a traditional “Red-Ocean” based strategy are well known. “Red-Ocean” situations are created when competitors compete on price with minor product or service differentiation. If your industry in marred by aggressive competition where the corporate waters are bloodied creating a “Red-Ocean” resulting in loses in market share, profits and growth, set your course, instead, for an open “Blue-Ocean” logistics strategy.
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About Keystone Western
Founded in 1990, Keystone Western provides asset – based logistics solutions for TL and LTL dry van and open deck shippers throughout North America. They also provide warehousing, regional cartage, intermodal services, logistics analysis and 3PL services. Their success has been built on reliable and cost-effective solutions for their customers. To learn more visit: